Scaled back envrionment

The first time I saw the "I-Can't-Take-It-Off Ring," was on the hand of my supervisor, and I knew I had to have it.  I have always been a lover of silver rings but due to my insanely small fingers, it is nearly impossible to find one to fit. Upon discovering Anni Maliki's website, I emailed her to ask her if it was possible to make this ring in my size. Within a very short time, I was wearing a gorgeous, one-of-a kind ring, that she made especially for me!  Anni was wonderful to work with and the entire transaction was seamless.  It is so nice to have such a beautiful, unique, and perfectly fitting silver ring.

~ Jocelyn Brownell, Rensselaer, New York

I have worked with Anni Maliki for 2 years as my primary wholesale jewelry provider for the Gift Shop at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, which I manage.  Anni's collection catches shoppers' eyes; her designs move and twist like no other contemporary jewelry.  The pieces are stunning with formal attire, while also versatile as down-to-earth essentials in a woman’s everyday ensemble.  Women found the jewelry irresistible and would return to my shop to lust after the collection.   Sales have been great.  My staff enjoyed selling Anni Maliki because of the many exciting details they could share with customers about the work.   I plan to continue carrying the Anni Maliki Collection.  Her jewelry is inspired and her business is dependable.  I give my highest recommendation. Sincerely,

~ Ariana Brawley; Business Assistant/Store Manager at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

Anni Maliki jewelry

Simple Balanced Beauty

There is a very simple, balanced beauty in these pieces that reminds me of the original intent of jewelry - they are eye-catching, thought-provoking studies of space and balance. Amazing!

~ A young man jotted this in my comments book at our booth at the Amherst Crafts Show

Gorgeous, fluid, peaceful!

~Dominique Simonneaux, NYC


Hillary Bennett

Having spent time in Bali with Anni, watching her sit on the floor with her index cards, watching her pour sweat and even tears into the process of coming up with just the right design, I know what she puts into each piece of jewelry, how it is crafted to hang just right, or glisten one way or another, compliment the neck line, frame the face, and how it highlights the person wearing it.  I know how she loves and argues with the craftsmen, sits in their workshop scrutinizing each line and curve.  She is in love with each piece she creates, and every finished product is like her own child. 

My dear friend Anni – your jewelry is quality of design, quality of person-hood, quality of an expression of love, quality of creativity, quality that generates pride and joy. 

~ Hillary Bennett, Palo Alto, CA

The Homage Earrings I bought are edgy yet simple and classic enough for business attire.

~Leslie Curley, Great Barrington, MA

Homage Earrings