As my tag line 'Designs that Dance!' suggests, I always aim to infuse my designs with movement - through texture, color, pattern, the way each piece catches the light, swings on a hinge, falls from the ear or contours the wrist. To do this, I exploit silver’s versatile textures, patterns and sculptural possibilities. 

I look to nature for inspiration and find great pleasure and solace in the act of looking.  'Bling' holds little interest for me. Rather, I prefer elegance in simplicity - as Nature herself often does. I gravitate therefore towards organic materials such as pearls, stones, shell, seeds, leather, wood.

I have built our small company with my husband Mel, whose consistent, loving support and hard work forms the bedrock from which my creativity and our company can flourish.  Collaboration - with each other, our silversmiths, our partners, our fans, nature herself - is what gives Anni Maliki jewelry its value.  Thank you all!