I find great pleasure and solace in the act of looking at patterns in nature: on leaves, shells, flowers, the ridges and arcs of canyon walls, ripples on water, dunes and snow.  Nature distills the complex mechanisms of life into visually simple forms, and it is this simplicity that moves me.

Movement is, for me, the life force of design.  Nothing in nature is static.  Wind hits water and sand and creates pattern.  Sun strikes leaves to create dancing shadows.  Swirls and curves move around shells and flowers and the bark of trees.  The hides of animals ripple as they run.  In the same way, I want to infuse every design with movement through texture, color, pattern, the way it catches the light, swings on a hinge, falls from the ear or contours the wrist.  This is why I have chosen the phrase Designs that Dance as our tag line.

To achieve simplicity and movement, I explore silver’s versatility.  I use etching, hammering, oxidizing, sculpting and chasing to bring forth her many faces, from liquid smooth to rough, shiny, bright, dark, fine or chunky.  Sometimes I combine silver with  pearls, shell, seeds, leather and wood.  Occasionally, I use stones, though only to enhance, and never for ‘bling.’

In return for nature’s abundance, I feel called to give back.  This is why Anni Maliki has partnered with TreeSisters ~ a wonderful organization whose dual mission is the reforestation of the tropics and feminine empowerment.  For each piece of jewelry we sell, TreeSisters plants 3 trees through our donation.

Collaboration – with nature, silver, TreeSisters, our fans - is what gives Anni Maliki jewelry its value.